Macmor Electrical

Big Electrical Companies in Melbourne

“Macmor is not one of the very big electrical companies in Melbourne, but we’re large enough to have the best expertise you can get and small enough to take utmost care of each project.”

Rob Moore, Managing Director

There are a number of very big electrical companies in Melbourne. Their advantage is that they can offer low costs and juggle lots of the biggest projects. The disadvantage is that they often have so many projects, that your electrical project is just another one among many. Macmor Electrical considers itself a medium-sized electrical company, with two fleets of staff spread across two locations (Melbourne and Sydney). We are managed by our founders, Rob Moore and Ross MacArthur, who both are in the industry since over 30 years and honed lots of industrial knowledge and professional experience. Having the advantage of not being one of the very big electrical companies in Melbourne, we can put all our focus on your project in order to make sure we complete it on time and on budget.
It’s extremely important to us that your expectations are met and we’re all on the same page throughout the whole project. Open and transparent communication and insightful advice are why our long-term, loyal clients keep working with us time and time again. We are proud of the excellent quality of our workmanship. You don’t need a very big electrical company in Melbourne to get the best people – our thoroughly trained and knowledgeable electricians are amongst the best you can find. Continuous development of our staff, their well-equipped vehicles and a friendly customer services are our trademarks. Let’s have a chat about your upcoming electrical projects!

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